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Yellowtail Snapper: One of the most popular fish to eat in the Florida Keys known for its delicate white meat. In certain conditions these fish can be feeding in amazing numbers.  Sizes range from 1- 5 lbs.

Gray snapper (Mangrove): Can be found anywhere there is structure. During the late summer spawn there are plenty to be found on the reef. This fish is a local's bread and butter and is excellent eating. Size range from 1 - 13 lbs.

Mutton Snapper: Can be found on and off the reef, from shallow patches to deep wrecks.  Spawn occurs in late spring where many fish can be caught. Another delicious snapper, this one comes with a firmer flaky meat. Size range 3-20+ lbs.

Hogfish: One of the best eating fish in the Florida Keys. Usually found around reefs and structure out to 120 ft. Range in size from 1 - 12 lbs

Black Grouper: Commonly found around wrecks and reefs, great eating and fun to catch. Depths range from 15 - 200 ft. Size up to 100 lbs.

Gag Grouper: Found on wrecks and reefs, a great eating bonus catch. Gags live in waters from 10 to 300ft Size up to 50 lbs

Cero Mackerel: Found on the patch reefs in the winter, a great fighting fish that travel in schools and are fun to catch. Size 3 - 7 lbs.

King Mackerel: In the winter, large kings from 30 - 65 lbs are not uncommon. Good sportfish not the best eating unless smoked. Fish dip with kingfish is awesome.

Barracuda: A top sport fish of the Florida Keys, Very fast and hard fighters they are found around structure, on the flats and almost everywhere. Can reach up to 50 lbs.

African Pompano: found over reefs, wrecks, and rock ledges. Good eating, great fight on light tackle. They grow to 40 lbs.

Permit: Spring and early summer they are on the wrecks during spawning. When caught they are released to allow them to spawn, permit are a prized flats fish in the keys.

Cobia: Mostly here in the late fall through winter into spring they love structure, sharks, turtles, rays and all sorts of things to follow, Ranging in size from 5 - 80 lbs

Amberjack: Arguably the strongest fish in the Atlantic basin. Commonly found on wrecks and deep offshore humps, fish can be caught over 100 lbs.


Tarpon: Highly migratory species that come through the Florida Keys in the late winter through the spring.  Highly acrobatic and tireless fighters, tarpon gather around bridges, flats, and backcountry channels. Fish range in size from 10 - 150 lbs.

Jack Crevale: Found around bridges and channels, these fast and strong fish make for a great fight. Sizes range inshore from 1-20 lbs


Sailfish: Migration occurs winter through early spring, these fast moving and agile fish strike hard and make one of the most exciting fights. Fish can reach over 7 feet in length and are known for their tall sail-like dorsal.

Wahoo: The fastest fish in the ocean, and also one of the best to eat. Can be found in our waters year-round, and are usually caught high-speed trolling or with live bait. Our fish in the keys can reach up to 80 lbs.

Dolphin: Also known as mahi mahi or dorado, can grow to 20 lbs in one year. They inhabit blue water, weed lines and debris offshore. Dolphin is the most popular fish to eat in the Keys, they are ravenous eaters which makes for a fun catch. Sizes range from 5-60 lbs.

Blackfin Tuna. Mainly in the deeper water and more prevalent in the Late fall, through spring and into early summer. Ranging in size from 5 - 30 lbs.

Blue Marlin. Summer is the best time to catch a Blue Marlin off the Florida Keys. Not something that is a common catch but a great surprise when it happens. in the Keys they are 150 - 600 lbs. We only release these fish.

Swordfish. Caught day or night, Difference is the depth of water you fish. Daytime you need to fish the bottom so special gear and tactics are required for 1600 ft. At night the surface with lights down to 300 ft.

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